Government Agency with Social Institute loans 2017: Rates, Requirements, Request Forms

The National Institute of Social Security and Assistance for Public Administration Employees, as many of you already know, has been closed with the desired social security reform of the Monti Government. This does not mean that its services are no longer available, they have been entrusted to Social Institute. This is today the reference body for obtaining Government Agency Social Institute loans. But what funding is available and what do they offer? Here are all the most competitive solutions.

Small Government Agency loan: who it is for and what it offers

Small Government Agency loan: who it is for and what it offers

The Government Agency Social Institute loans provide for facilitated repayment terms but imply specific requirements for them to be obtained. We begin the examination of the offers starting from the Small loan ex Government Agency Social Institute.

This is a loan that is aimed at public employees and pensioners related to the unitary management of credit and social benefits. It is a credit line designed to respond to urgencies related to everyday life. The applicant must not provide information on the purpose of use or even documentation on the costs incurred.

The Small Government Agency loan provides amounts that vary from one to eight months. The value is related to the duration, which ranges from one to four years, and to the conditions of the applicant (whether or not he is repaying other loans).

Small loan Government Agency Social Institute rates

Small loan Government Agency Social Institute rates

Regarding the interest rate, we note a nominal annual rate of 4.25%. Administrative costs correspond to 0.50% and the risk provision premium must be taken into consideration among the costs. In the case of active employees, the request must be sent electronically using the administration of reference to Social Institute. The user must use the downloadable online form.

Instead, the pensioner sends the application online using the online services of the Social Institute portal, or the Contact center (toll-free number from the fixed network 803 164) or thanks to the collaboration of a patronage.

Multi-year five-year or ten-year Government Agency loans

Alternatively, employees and pensioners belonging to the unitary management of credit and social benefits can apply for multi-year direct loans. The request for access to credit must fall within the scope of the purposes indicated in the Social Institute Regulation.

Direct loans are long-term funding of employee loans, installment therefore can not exceed 1/5 of salary or pension. The applicant must also comply with a specific requirement: length of service equal to at least four years and the same as regards the contributions paid to the Unitary Management.

Government Agency long-term loans 2017 rates

Government Agency long-term loans 2017 rates

For the duration, we have two options: five-year and ten-year, 60 or 120 installments. Regarding the rate, we note a Tan of 3.50%, administrative costs (0.50%) and risk provision premium.

The loan request must be sent electronically, using the “Multi-year Loans web applications” function of the Social Institute portal.

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