What are women doing not to pay the debt?

Women in the National Debt Register Office of Economic Information constitute almost 36% of all debtors, and their debt is about 26% of the total. Out of 2.26 million consumers whose total debt is over $ 33 billion, there are over 810 thousand women. However, the total value of their outstanding commitments reaches $ 8.5 billion.


Hello? A friend is unfortunately dead

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The experience of the debt collection company 13Kids Finance shows that ladies are more likely to talk to debt collectors. However, they treat the conversation as a fight. Unlike men, they do not deny their debts, but attack the interlocutor with various arguments. Reid Koslan, director of the Debt Collection Department 13Kids Finance, explains:

Men don’t usually look for guilt outside. On the other hand, they often try to mock the conversation by having to discuss the matter with their wife or accountant, while women use a full range of excuses. The most common are unemployment, low wages, own or family illness. However, when excuses end, insults and vulgarisms begin.

It is interesting that women who want to avoid paying their debts can even pretend to die. One debt collector quoted the story of a debtor who, after answering the phone, falsely introduced herself and calmly informed that the friend was unfortunately dead. The debt collector was not fooled and the debtor was exposed by a characteristic speech defect. After verifying previous connections and confirming the claims of the debt collector, the fraud saw the light of day and the negotiator heard a few indecent words.


Aggressive “have”

The experience of debt collectors shows that it is the hardest to talk to ladies aged 18-25. The younger the debtor, the more aggressive. Women don’t save on insults and curses. What’s more, ladies in this age range are more likely to lie (even on very simple matters to check, such as making a transfer to a creditor’s account). Jacob Kronx, president of 13Kids Finance, believes that consumerism is increasingly appealing to young Poles, but also Poles.

They are tempted by new smartphones, so they take phones with a high monthly subscription. They want to have a better laptop quickly, so they take out loans. Unfortunately, they often lack knowledge about finances and skills on how to assess their ability to repay their liabilities. When they have to pay their first bills, they are embittered, and when they are unable to do so and someone wants to get their money back, they sometimes become quite aggressive.

The total debt of almost 60,000 women aged 18-25 is more than $ 174 million . The most, because over 45% are liabilities due to loans, credits and towards telecommunications operators. Next, around 30%, are debts to debt collection companies and securitization funds. On the other hand, the debt due to mass transit without a ticket constitutes over 10%

Talk to women of retirement age in a calm and fruitful way. These ladies, although they do not have large cash flows, usually pay their debts and negotiate with debt collectors. However, as Jacob Kronx notes, it is sometimes that they are not their debts, and the grandsons and grandchildren, who are enthusiastic about consumerism, do not pay back the loan installments that the grandmother took for them.


Men are more aggressive during debt collection

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It is completely different when the amicable collection phase ends and court proceedings occur. Then, men are more likely to respond to calls and take up the topic of their own debt. Women are still more emotional, but men become more aggressive. Kurrie Sunshine, a legal advisor from the Petlex law firm, believes that “they are beginning to understand that silence in this situation will not help them, although it often turns into aggression. At this stage of recovery, however, the debtor’s negotiating position is definitely more difficult. “

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